Project Description



Vehicle Class:

Light Duty


2008 2500HD GMC SLT

Tires & Wheels:

2 piece – 30 x16 Rogue Forged Off-Road Wheels w/ 11.5” floating spoke concave wrapped in 42” Fury Tries

Suspension Details:

Suspension: 10-20” Custom Air Ride (utilizing Kelderman, Trigger Industries and Schultz’s Diesel Sports fabricated components) with dual compressors, Straight Axle Swap using Dana 60, NQF Electronic Rear Drive Shaft, Custom ‘Bear Trap’ Bulkhead with Overlay Plate, Trigger fabricated Ladder Bars with Custom Overlay Chain Link Plates (appearing to tie down Bear Trap Bulkhead), Custom Overlay Plates for Truss (with all Suspension Components plated and Airbrushed)

Shocks: Custom 2.5” Front Body King Shocks (fully extended 38.25”) and Custom 3” Rear Body King Shocks (fully extended 42.40”) both with Remote Reservoirs

Performance Details:

Horsepower: 1400 RWHP on Fuel Alone (previously dyno’d / attestation at 1246 RWHP on Fuel Alone by Idaho Rob on our smaller turbo setup)
2000 RWHP on 2 Stage NOS Kit w/ 2 x 10 lb bottles – can spray up to max of 2 x 300 HP nitrous shots

Engine: Bored 6.6 L Duramax: Cylinders bored and blue printed, SoCal Forged Cut and Coated Pistons, Carillo Forged Rods, Chrome-Moly Push Rods. ARP 625 Head Studs, Stage 2 CNC Ported Dmax Cylinder Head assembly with Titanium Retainers, O Ring Cylinder Heads , Billet Internally Balanced Crankshaft, Stage 3 EED Custom Designed Camshaft, ERP Main Cap Oil Modifications, Custom Valve Springs & Chrome Moly Retainers, Rocker Stud Kit, Billet Caps and SoCal Main Girdle Kit, SoCal Rocker Stud Kit

Exhaust: 5’ inch – straight piped off of secondary turbo, going to 30” x 4” Custom Fabricated Exhaust Tip cut and fitted into Custom bumper fabricated by Bullet Proof Bumper

Fueling: Dual Fuel Pumps (Custom 12mm Exergy coupled w/Stock PPE CP3), Fuel Kit – FASS 260 GPH

Engine Management: EFI Live Tuning by Shultz Diesel Sports, CTS Scanner, Custom Fabricated Center Console Control Panel, Custom Mounted into upper dash – performance gauges

Transmission: Custom transmission built by Schultz Diesel Sports: C2 Planetary / Goerend Converter with Billet Stator, Billet intermediate shaft, Billet Input / Output shafts, Billet Flywheel, Schultz Diesel Sports Detailed Valve Body and Clutch Kit

Rearend: Bored Axle Housings, Yukon Axle (10.5/11.5 38 Spline). 4:56 Gears

Induction: Compound Turbo Setup – Garrett Ball Bearing 55/41 (106 mm) and Garrett Ball Bearing 40/94 (70 mm given modifications to both exhaust housing and Wheel). Both turbos waste gated.
Custom Injectors – DDP 275 over injectors
NOS System – 2 x10 lb bottles with remote bottle openers; 4 solenoids, 2 NOS bottles and 2 air tanks custom mounted in bed, dual NOS purge system located in cowl

Brakes: SSBC Oversized Brake Package Front and Rear

Interior & Exterior Details:

Interior Mods: Roadwire Leather Sets, Custom Center Console, Suede Roof Liner, Custom Painted Trim Pieces, Custom Speaker enclosures on Doors and Audio System, Custom Lazer/Radar Jamming System, Grant Steering Wheel, CTS Monitor and Billet push buttons mounted in Center Console, 3 Performance Gauges Mounted in Center of Dash

Exterior/Body Mods: Custom Airbrushed Tonneau Cover, Fender Flares, AMP XL Steps, Monster Hooks, Hopped Drive Line, Bed Rug, Front and Rear Lazer Shifters, Custom Fabricated 3D Grill with Airbrushed Bear Claws, NOS Purge Tubes extending through Cowl, Mirrored Hood, 2 x 10lb NOS bottles mounted in Bed, 2 x 10lb Air Tanks mounted in Bed, 4 x 12v batteries mounted behind audio system in bed, Custom Posts fabricated into rear frame with 4 stage Battery Cutoff System, Mag Tech Differential and Transmission Covers, Monster Hooks, Kleinn Train Airhorns, Rigid Body Lights,

Airbrushing & Paint: Body: Grizzly Bear and Winter Mountain Airbrushing Theme Airbrushed by Mob Airbrushing, Black Base Paint and Cleared by Divita Auto Design, Entire Truck wrapped in Painted Protection Film
Undercarriage, Engine and Suspension Parts: One Off Deep Purple powder coating on engine components, suspension and axles; Selected Components have been Silver powder coated

Front/Rear Bumper(s): Custom Fabrication by Bullet Proof

Sound / AV Systems:

Audio/Visual: Cab: Hertz Sound System and Custom Fabrication by Mobile Solutions (included: Hertz HDP 5-Ch Amp, 2 sets of Hertz Hi-Energy Speakers, 2 Hertz 10” Subwoofers, Pioneer Integrated IPOD, DVD, Phone and Rear Camera, 2 Video Monitors with Built in DVD’s)
Bed of Truck: Hertz Sound System and Custom Fabrication by Visions (included: 2 Hertz HDP 5-Ch Amp’s and H8 Digital Signal Processor, 2 Legend Hertz Hi-Energy, 2 Hertz 8” Subwoofers

Specialty Lighting Upgrades (Interior/Exterior):

Custom painted and lens itched from 2015 Denali Style Head and Tail Lights by Evolution Motorsports; custom LED Lenses and Paint, Rigid Lighting located on undercarriage and in wheel wells. 3 sets of Dual LED Rigid Flush Mounted Cube Lights in front and rear bumpers, 12” Rigid light bar embedded into front bumper by Bullet Proof, Custom Recon Lenses and Etched Halos in Headlights, Rock Lights in Bed of Truck, Custom Purple LED lights inside of NOS purging tubes



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Photos Courtesy of: @itsjustbrian